Recommended Readings: Robert G. Roeder, Ph.D. Monday November 11, 2019

Recommended Readings: Robert G. Roeder, Ph.D. Monday November 11, 2019

Monday Lectures Robert G. Roeder, Ph.D.

Monday, November 11, 2019  4:00 p.m.

Carson Family Auditorium

Robert G. Roeder, Ph.D.

Arnold and Mabel Beckman Professor and Head

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Rockefeller University

  50+ years of eukaryotic transcription: an expanding universe of factors and mechanisms


Recommended Readings:

Empirical Articles

Zhang D, Tang Z, Huang H, et al. (2019). Metabolic regulation of gene expression by histone lactylation. Nature. 574 (7779): 575-580

Kumari N, Hassan MA, Lu X, Roeder RG, Biswas D. (2019). AFF1 acetylation by p300 temporally inhibits transcription during genotoxic stress response. PNAS

Etchegaray, Jean-Pierre; Zhong, Lei; Li, Catherine; et al. (2019). The Histone Deacetylase SIRT6 Restrains Transcription Elongation via Promoter-Proximal Pausing. MOLECULAR CELL. 75 (4): 683- 699.e7

Pham P, Malik S, Mak C, Calabrese PC, Roeder RG, Goodman MF. (2019). AID-RNA polymerase II transcription-dependent deamination of IgV DNA. Nucleic Acids Res

Lu, Xiangdong; Chu, Chi-Shuen; Fang, Terry; et al. (2019). MTA2/NuRD Regulates B Cell Development and Cooperates with OCA-B in Controlling the Pre-B to Immature B Cell Transition. CELL REPORTS. 28 (2): 472- 485.e5

Farrelly, Lorna A.; Thompson, Robert E.; Zhao, Shuai; et al. (2019). Histone serotonylation is a permissive modification that enhances TFIID binding to H3K4me3. NATURE. 567 (7749): 535-539

Zhang, Yi; Jang, Younghoon; Lee, Ji-Eun; et al. (2019). Selective binding of the PHD6 finger of MLL4 to histone H4K16ac links MLL4 and MOF. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. 10

Shimada, Miho; Chen, Wei-Yi; Nakadai, Tomoyoshi; et al. (2019). Gene-Specific H1 Eviction through a Transcriptional Activator -> p300 -> NAP1 -> H1 Pathway. MOLECULAR CELL. 74 (2): 268-283.e5

Review Papers

Roeder, Robert G. (2019). 50+years of eukaryotic transcription: an expanding universe of factors and mechanisms. NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. 26 (9): 783-791

Malik, Sohail; Roeder, Robert G. (2010). The metazoan Mediator co-activator complex as an integrative hub for transcriptional regulation. NATURE REVIEWS GENETICS. 11 (11): 761-772

Book Chapter

Lee, Seunghee; Roeder, Robert G.; Lee, Jae W. (2009). Roles of Histone H3-Lysine 4 Methyltransferase Complexes in NR-Mediated Gene Transcription. REGULATORY MECHANISMS IN TRANSCRIPTIONAL SIGNALING. Book Series: Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science 87: 343-382

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