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Ilaria Ceglia, Ph.D., Science Informationist - Ilaria joined the Markus Library Team in 2017. As science liaison between the Rockefeller scientific community and the library, Ilaria assists Rockefeller scientists find, and effectively use, the scholarly communication tools available at the library, provides customized literature searching, delivers research information reports and publications metric analysis to enhance collaborations between Rockefeller and leading scientific institutions, provides access to digital content to manage large data freely accessible. Ilaria manages a drug development database to perform clinical literature searches and drugs pipeline reports for Rockefeller research faculty, scientists and clinicians. As the NIH compliance monitor for the Rockefeller University, Ilaria helps faculty to solve scientific submission requirements issues and ensures Rockefeller remains compliant with NIH Public Access Policy. Her role also includes evaluate and select new databases to complement other resource center services, organize tutorial training sessions in areas of life sciences and on the use of reference management platforms F1000 Workspace, Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed literature searching, managing recommendation readings library blog for lectures and special seminars. Ilaria is a neuroscientist and a former Rockefeller postdoctoral and research associate of Dr. Paul Greengard’s laboratory. She was a Research Assistant Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at City College and Hunter College in New York, where she taught Cell Biology and Biochemistry. As an Italian expat living in New York, Ilaria is an enthusiastic proponent of Italian culture among friends and colleagues.

medRxiv: the preprint server for medicine and health sciences is coming soon!

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In another step forward for open science and open access, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Yale University, and The BMJ announced last week that medRxiv will debut on June 25th 2019. medRxiv, (pronounced "med archive"), is a preprint server for clinical medicine and public health that allows scientists to freely share their manuscripts and get feedback [...]

Recommended Readings: Paola Arlotta, Ph.D. Friday June 7, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, June 7, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Paola Arlotta Ph.D. Professor Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology                                                                Harvard University                 Understanding Cortical Development and Disease: From Embryos to Brain Organoids   Recommended Readings: Science News What you need to know about organoids. March 15, 2019. Journalist's Resource Empirical Articles Arlotta, Paola. [...]

Recommended Readings: Wolfgang Baumeister, Ph.D. Friday May 31, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 31, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Wolfgang Baumeister Ph.D. Director Department of Molecular Structural Biology Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry Structural Biology in situ: The Promise and Challenges of Cryo-Electron Tomography   Recommended Readings: Science News Structural biology: The Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. March 11, 2019. SciTech Europa  Empirical Articles [...]

Recommended Readings: Kivanç Birsoy, Ph.D. Monday May 20, 2019

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Monday Lectures Monday, May 20, 2019  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Kivanç Birsoy, Ph.D. Chapman Perelman Assistant Professor and Head Laboratory of Metabolic Regulation and Genetics The Rockefeller University Metabolic Limitations of Cancer Cell Proliferation    Recommended Readings: Science News Oxygen-Starved Cancer Cells Languish without Aspartate. Jun 25, 2018. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Empirical [...]

Recommended Readings: George R. Stark, Ph.D. Friday May 10, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 10, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium George R. Stark Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist Department of Cancer Biology Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Complex Regulation of Interferon-dependent Signaling in Cancer and Infectious Disease Recommended Readings: Science News Promising New Combination Drug Therapy Treats Several Models of Lethal Lung Cancer. March 1, 2018. Cleveland Clinic [...]

Recommended Readings: Beth Shapiro, D.Phil, Friday May 3, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 3, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Beth Shapiro D.Phil Professor Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of California Can Ancient DNA Reveal What Makes Us Human? Recommended Readings: Science News How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-extinction. April 23, 2019. Technology Networks Empirical Articles Fregel, Rosa; Ordonez, Alejandra [...]

Recommended Readings: Coleen Murphy, Ph.D. Friday April 26, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, April 26, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Coleen Murphy Ph.D.  Professor and Director Glenn Center for Quantitative Aging Research                                                           Princeton University Transgenerational Inheritance of Pathogen Avoidance (or, How Getting Food Sickness Might Save Your Species)   Recommended Readings: Science News Paternal transmission of epigenetic memory via sperm. October 17, 2018. Science [...]

Recommended Readings: Li Zhao, Ph.D. Monday April 15, 2019

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Monday Lectures Monday, April 15, 2019  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Li Zhao, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Head Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics The Rockefeller University The Origin and Evolution of De Novo Genes   Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Matthews, Benjamin J.; Dudchenko, Olga; Kingan, Sarah B.; et al. (2018). Improved reference genome of [...]

Recommended Readings: Mandë Holford, Ph.D., Thursday April 25th, 2019

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Special Seminar Series Thursday, April 25, 2019  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Mandë Holford, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Chemistry and Biology The City University of New York – Hunter College & Graduate Center The Transformative Power of Venom in Evolution and Biomedical Applications Recommended Readings: Science News Emily Driscoll and Luke Groskin. (2017, Nov [...]

Recommended Readings: Sebastian Klinge, Ph.D. Friday April 12, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, April 12, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Sebastian Klinge Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Head Laboratory of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry The Rockefeller University Nucleolar Assembly of the Small Ribosomal Subunit   Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Chaker-Margot, Malik; Klinge, Sebastian. (2019). Assembly and early maturation of large subunit precursors. RNA. 25 (4): [...]