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Recommended Readings: George R. Stark, Ph.D. Friday May 10, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 10, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium George R. Stark Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist Department of Cancer Biology Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Complex Regulation of Interferon-dependent Signaling in Cancer and Infectious Disease Recommended Readings: Science News Promising New Combination Drug Therapy Treats Several Models of Lethal Lung Cancer. March 1, 2018. Cleveland Clinic [...]

Recommended Readings: Vincent A. Fischetti, Ph.D. April 24, 2017

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Monday Lectures Monday, April 17, 2017  3:45 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Vincent A. Fischetti, Ph.D. Professor and Head, Laboratory of Bacterial Pathogenesis and Immunology The Rockefeller University Exploiting phage evolution for the development of novel therapeutics Recommended Readings: David Bautz. March 20th 2017. CFRX: Phase 2 Trial of CF-301 to Initiate in mid-2017. Czaplewski, Lloyd; [...]

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