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Recommended Readings: David Pellman, M.D. Friday June 1, 2018

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Friday Lectures Friday, June 1, 2018  3:45 p.m. Caspary Auditorium David Pellman M.D. Margaret M. Dyson Professor Department of Cell Biology Harvard Medical School Mechanisms of Rapid Genome Evolution Recommended Readings: Science News Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Researchers identify origin of chromosomal oddity in some cancer cells. May 27, 2015. EurekAlert Empirical Articles Marteil, Gaelle; Guerrero, [...]

Recommended Readings: Stephen Elledge, Ph.D. Friday May 18, 2018

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 18, 2018  3:45 p.m. Caspary Auditorium Stephen J. Elledge Ph.D. Gregor Mendel Professor Department of Genetics Harvard Medical School Microgenetics: What We Can Learn About Protein Degradation from Bits of Genes Recommended Readings: Science News Your viral infection history in a single drop of blood. June 4, 2015. ScienceDaily Empirical Articles [...]

Recommended Readings: Stephen Goff, Ph.D. Friday May 11, 2018

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 11, 2018  3:45 p.m. Caspary Auditorium Stephen Goff Ph.D. Higgins Professor Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Quiet, Please: Silencing Retroviral DNAs Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Lee, Andreia; CingOz, Oya; Sabo, Yosef; et al. (2018). Characterization of interaction between Trim28 and YY1 in silencing [...]

Recommended Readings: Beth Stevens, Ph.D. Friday May 4, 2018

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 4, 2018  3:45 p.m. Caspary Auditorium Beth Stevens Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Neurology Harvard Medical School – Boston Children’s Hospital How the Immune System Sculpts Brain Circuitry Recommended Readings: Science News Beth Stevens and Todd E. Golden. Deciphering neurodegeneration: Inflammation, immune response, and Alzheimer’s. (Webinar – February 7, 2018). Science [...]