BioCyc database collection

BioCyc database collection

The BioCyc collection of Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs) provides a reference on the genomes and metabolic pathways of thousands of sequenced organisms. BioCyc PGDBs are generated by software that predict the metabolic pathways of completely sequenced organisms, predict which genes code for missing enzymes in metabolic pathways, and predict operons.

BioCyc also integrates information from other bioinformatics databases, such as protein feature and Gene Ontology information from UniProt. The BioCyc website provides a suite of software tools for database searching and visualization, for omics data analysis, and for comparative genomics and comparative pathway questions.

BioCyc databases (DBs) are organized into tiers according to the amount of manual updating they have received.

PGDBs have been created by scientists outside SRI for organisms not present in BioCyc [details].

Trial starts January 1st. 2019. For more information please contact the Markus Library.

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