Recommended Readings: Shixin Liu, Ph.D. Monday November 2, 2020

Recommended Readings: Shixin Liu, Ph.D. Monday November 2, 2020

Webinar Monday Lecture Series  Shixin Liu, Ph.D.

(open to the Tri-I community)

Monday, November 2, 2020

Shixin Liu, Ph.D

Assistant Professor and Head

Laboratory of Nanoscale Biophysics and Biochemistry

The Rockefeller University

            Unraveling the World of Chromatin: May the Force Be With You


Recommended Readings:

Empirical Articles

Wang, Ling; Johnson, Zachary Lee; Wasserman, Michael R.; et al. (2020). Characterization of the kinetic cycle of an ABC transporter by single-molecule and cryo-EM analyses. ELIFE. 9

Li, Sai; Zheng, Eric Bo; Zhao, Li; et al. (2019). Nonreciprocal and Conditional Cooperativity Directs the Pioneer Activity of Pluripotency Transcription Factors. CELL REPORTS. 28 (10): 2689-+

Leicher, Rachel; Ge, Eva J.; Lin, Xingcheng; et al. (2019). PRC2 bridges non-adjacent nucleosomes to establish heterochromatin. bioRxiv 795260

Wasserman, Michael R.; Liu, Shixin. (2019). A Tour de Force on the Double Helix: Exploiting DNA Mechanics To Study DNA-Based Molecular Machines. BIOCHEMISTRY. 58 (47): 4667-4676

Zheng, Qingfei; Omans, Nathaniel D.; Leicher, Rachel; et al. (2019). Reversible histone glycation is associated with disease-related changes in chromatin architecture. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. 10

Ju, X; Li, D; Liu S. (2019). Full-length RNA profiling reveals pervasive bidirectional transcription terminators in bacteria. NATURE MICROBIOLOGY. 4 (11): 1907-1918

Wasserman, Michael R.; Schauer, Grant D.; O’Donnell, Michael E.; et al. (2019). Replication Fork Activation Is Enabled by a Single-Stranded DNA Gate in CMG Helicase. CELL. 178 (3): 600-+

Cheng, Bo; Wu, Shaogui; Liu, Shixin; et al. (2015). Protein denaturation at a single-molecule level: the effect of nonpolar environments and its implications on the unfolding mechanism by proteases. NANOSCALE. 7 (7): 2970-2977

Review Paper

Liu, Shixin; Chistol, Gheorghe; Bustamante, Carlos. (2014). Mechanical Operation and Intersubunit Coordination of Ring-Shaped Molecular Motors: Insights from Single-Molecule Studies. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. 106 (9): 1844-1858

Book Chapter

Liu, Shixin; Tafoya, Sara; Bustamante, Carlos. (2017). Deciphering the Molecular Mechanism of the Bacteriophage phi 29 DNA Packaging Motor. OPTICAL TWEEZERS: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS. 1486: 343-355

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