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Recommended Readings: Beth Shapiro, D.Phil, Friday May 3, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 3, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Beth Shapiro D.Phil Professor Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of California Can Ancient DNA Reveal What Makes Us Human? Recommended Readings: Science News How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-extinction. April 23, 2019. Technology Networks Empirical Articles Fregel, Rosa; Ordonez, Alejandra [...]

Recommended Readings: Coleen Murphy, Ph.D. Friday April 26, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, April 26, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Coleen Murphy Ph.D.  Professor and Director Glenn Center for Quantitative Aging Research                                                           Princeton University Transgenerational Inheritance of Pathogen Avoidance (or, How Getting Food Sickness Might Save Your Species)   Recommended Readings: Science News Paternal transmission of epigenetic memory via sperm. October 17, 2018. Science [...]

March 2019 Readership Snapshot Digital Commons @ RU

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Visit Your Digital Commons Dashboard Monthly Readership Totals: Last month, Digital Commons @ RU had 1098 full-text downloads and 8 new submissions were posted, bringing the total works in the repository to 2159. Rockefeller University scholarship was read by 213 institutions across 72 countries.   The most popular papers were: Population Dynamics In A Model [...]

Recommended Readings: Li Zhao, Ph.D. Monday April 15, 2019

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Monday Lectures Monday, April 15, 2019  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Li Zhao, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Head Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics The Rockefeller University The Origin and Evolution of De Novo Genes   Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Matthews, Benjamin J.; Dudchenko, Olga; Kingan, Sarah B.; et al. (2018). Improved reference genome of [...]

Recommended Readings: Mandë Holford, Ph.D., Thursday April 25th, 2019

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Special Seminar Series Thursday, April 25, 2019  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Mandë Holford, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Chemistry and Biology The City University of New York – Hunter College & Graduate Center The Transformative Power of Venom in Evolution and Biomedical Applications Recommended Readings: Science News Emily Driscoll and Luke Groskin. (2017, Nov [...]

Recommended Readings: Sebastian Klinge, Ph.D. Friday April 12, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, April 12, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Sebastian Klinge Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Head Laboratory of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry The Rockefeller University Nucleolar Assembly of the Small Ribosomal Subunit   Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Chaker-Margot, Malik; Klinge, Sebastian. (2019). Assembly and early maturation of large subunit precursors. RNA. 25 (4): [...]