Pharma Intelligence Database Trial

Pharma Intelligence Database Trial

Pharma Intelligence Trial

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Markus Library is offering free trial to the Citeline and Medtrack drug databases and offering a new compounds research service during the trial period. Researchers who wish to participate in the trial should contact Ilaria Ceglia at

January 22 marked the start of Markus Library’s free 1 month trial to selected Pharma Intelligence drug databases.   During the trial period, members of the Rockefeller community will have access to the Citeline drug development database and Medtrack commercial drug database. To participate in the trial, or for questions, researchers should contact Ilaria Ceglia at  A video training to get you start it is available at

“Besides coming to the library or our website to search for journals, I had the idea that researchers could use the library to search for compounds,” says Ilaria Ceglia, Markus Library’s science informationist and a Ph.D. neuroscientist. “The library could run these tests and queries, allowing scientists to focus on their bench science knowing they can rely on the library’s information support.” While scientists will have the ability to perform their own searches during the trial period, “I’ll also be trialing this new compounds research service project,” says Ilaria.

“Libraries everywhere do this for their research communities,” says university librarian Carol Feltes. “Now that we have a science informationist who understands both the chemistry and the databases, we’re able to explore offering a service like this.” Markus Library’s Pharma Intelligence Database Trial includes access to the following databases:

Citeline R&D database

Citeline is the industry’s most comprehensive, reliable and current global R&D intelligence suite of solutions. It features an unmatched collection of critical information on global clinical trials, investigators and sites, and drug development pipelines all with direct expert analyst support. It offers full public domain coverage of over 40,000 sources, continuous updating and full record reviews, advanced indexing and proprietary content. Gain key insights that can be turned into actionable results with unparalleled access to 265,000+ clinical trials, 400,000 investigators, 68,000+ drugs, 117,000+ sites, and 235+ diseases in 8 major therapeutic areas across 166 countries. Citeline includes access to:

End-to-end tracking of the global pharma R&D pipeline from bench to patient, including company development trends, global development status, and therapeutic class status. With 68,000+ drug profiles including 15,000 drugs in active development, it’s the go-to resource for preclinical, clinical, and pipeline coverage, and lifecycle management tracking.
The industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date source of pharmaceutical clinical trials data, globally. Easily track  competitors’ clinical R&D activity with expert insights and continually monitored trials.

Medtrack commercial database

Medtrack tracks companies from discovery to patent expiry, loss of market exclusivity, generic entry, and deal activity. It helps you stay current on key financing, drug and biologics development and drug manufacturing information. Medtrack tracks the activities of all the healthcare players, from contract manufacturing, to R&D, to technologies, to chemical manufacturers. It monitors their products, deals, financials, patents, company contacts, and more.

To participate in the trial, or for any other questions, please contact Ilaria Ceglia at

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