Data Management Service @ Markus Library

Data Management Service @ Markus Library

Data Management Service @ Markus Library

Research Data Management comprises the activities related to the collection, processing, analysis, preservation, and publication of data to ensure easy reuse of the data by the original researcher and the effective sharing of the data with the research community.

In response to the new NIH Policy of Data Management and Sharing Policy, and the increased importance placed on data management and sharing by other funding agencies, the Markus Library has launched a Data Management Service comprising a wide range of data-related assistance and resources.

The Data Management Service is designed to help you navigate the practical aspects of the research data life cycle while maintaining compliance with funder requirements. Because different fields of research produce different data, with different challenges for management and sharing, we want to provide guidance with your specific research goals and funder requirements in mind.

Consultation Services

Schedule a meeting with Claire Warner, the Markus Library’s Data Services Specialist. Claire can assist with a range of data-related issues, including:

  • Creating NIH-mandated Data Management Plans using DMPTool
  • Data management consultations for individuals and research groups
  • Sourcing existing data from repositories
  • Selecting a repository and depositing your own data

You can also drop by Claire’s office hours, held weekly on Wednesdays from 2pm to 4pm over Zoom. You can reach Claire at cwarner[at]

Embedded Librarian Program

Join our pilot program, which pairs librarians with research groups to provide targeted and informed support. If you are interested in participating, please email mcovey[at]

DMPTool and NIH Templates

The Markus Library recommends using DMPTool as a starting point for creating your Data Management Plans (DMPs). DMPTool allows for online collaborative writing with your research colleagues and also allows you to share your DMP with Markus Library staff for consultation and feedback. DMPTool also provides funder-approved templates with annotations and instructions from the funders themselves and from the Markus Library staff. If you are writing a DMP for the purpose of securing NIH funding, there are three templates available: the “Default template”, as well as the Alpha and Bravo pilot templates. Please feel free to use whichever template you feel is easiest to work with.

Data Management LibGuides

2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

Data Management Guidelines


Electronic Lab Notebooks

Research Data Sharing

Upcoming Workshops

To register for a workshop, please email markuslibrary[at]

Using DMPTool

  • 9/20/2023 at 2pm over Zoom
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