February 2019 Readership Snapshot Digital Commons @ RU

February 2019 Readership Snapshot Digital Commons @ RU

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Monthly Readership Totals:
Last month, Digital Commons @ RU had 1104 full-text downloads and 93 new submissions were posted, bringing the total works in the repository to 2159. Rockefeller University scholarship was read by 187 institutions across 71 countries.


The most popular papers were:
DESCRIPTIVE PAMPHLET, 1919 (91 downloads)

Immunologic Memory to Polysaccharide Antigens (43 downloads)

Insect Host Seeking: Investigations into the Molecular Mechanisms of Chemosensation (34 downloads)

The most popular publications were:
Student Theses and Dissertations (655 downloads)

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research: Descriptive Pamphlet (98 downloads)

The Rockefeller Institute Bulletin: Catalogue (70 downloads)

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