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Recommended Readings: Paola Arlotta, Ph.D. Friday June 7, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, June 7, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Paola Arlotta Ph.D. Professor Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology                                                                Harvard University                 Understanding Cortical Development and Disease: From Embryos to Brain Organoids   Recommended Readings: Science News What you need to know about organoids. March 15, 2019. Journalist's Resource Empirical Articles Arlotta, Paola. [...]

Recommended Readings: Wolfgang Baumeister, Ph.D. Friday May 31, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 31, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium Wolfgang Baumeister Ph.D. Director Department of Molecular Structural Biology Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry Structural Biology in situ: The Promise and Challenges of Cryo-Electron Tomography   Recommended Readings: Science News Structural biology: The Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. March 11, 2019. SciTech Europa  Empirical Articles [...]

April 2019 Readership Snapshot Digital Commons @ RU

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Visit Your Digital Commons Dashboard Monthly Readership Totals: Last month, Digital Commons @ RU had 969 full-text downloads and 0 new submissions were posted, bringing the total works in the repository to 2159. Rockefeller University scholarship was read by 190 institutions across 63 countries.   The most popular papers were: ECOWeB 1.1: Ecologists' Cooperative Web [...]

Recommended Readings: Kivanç Birsoy, Ph.D. Monday May 20, 2019

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Monday Lectures Monday, May 20, 2019  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Kivanç Birsoy, Ph.D. Chapman Perelman Assistant Professor and Head Laboratory of Metabolic Regulation and Genetics The Rockefeller University Metabolic Limitations of Cancer Cell Proliferation    Recommended Readings: Science News Oxygen-Starved Cancer Cells Languish without Aspartate. Jun 25, 2018. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Empirical [...]

Recommended Readings: George R. Stark, Ph.D. Friday May 10, 2019

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Friday Lectures Friday, May 10, 2019  3:45 p.m Caspary Auditorium George R. Stark Ph.D. Distinguished Scientist Department of Cancer Biology Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Complex Regulation of Interferon-dependent Signaling in Cancer and Infectious Disease Recommended Readings: Science News Promising New Combination Drug Therapy Treats Several Models of Lethal Lung Cancer. March 1, 2018. Cleveland Clinic [...]

Electronic Lab Notebooks: From Paper to Screen, Keeping Track of Your Research

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Title: Electronic Lab Notebooks: From Paper to Screen, Keeping Track of Your Research Series: R3:Enhancing Scientific Rigor, Reproducibility, and Reporting Speaker(s): Ilaria Ceglia, Ph.D. Dept./Lab: Hospital Biostatistics Date: Thursday, May 9, 2019 Time: 2:00 pm Location: Weiss 305 Notes:   As we move into a more digital world it is important that the methods by [...]