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Recommended Readings: Michael P. Rout, Ph.D. Monday April 2, 2018

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Monday Lectures Monday, April 2, 2018  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Michael P. Rout, Ph.D. Professor Laboratory of Cellular and Structural Biology The Rockefeller University A Hole New View: Structure-Function Mapping of the Nuclear Pore Complex Recommended Readings: Science News March 15, 2018. Scientists map the portal to the cell’s nucleus. Science Daily. Empirical Articles [...]

Recommended Readings: Alison North, Ph.D. Monday March 26, 2018

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Monday Lectures Monday, March 26, 2018  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Alison North, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor and Senior Director Bio-Imaging Resource Center The Rockefeller University A Resolution to Avoid an Evil: The Truth about Resolution, Aberrations, and Co-Localization Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Demmerle, Justin; Innocent, Cassandravictoria; North, Alison J.; et al. (2017). Strategic and [...]

Recommended Readings: Christopher D. Lima, Ph.D. Friday March 30th, 2018

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Friday Lectures Friday, March 30th, 2018  3:45 p.m. Caspary Auditorium Christopher D. Lima, Ph.D. Professor Structural Biology Program Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Targeting RNA for Degradation by the Eukaryotic RNA Exosome Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Wasmuth, Elizabeth V.; Lima, Christopher D. (2017). The Rrp6 C-terminal domain binds RNA and activates the nuclear RNA exosome. [...]

Recommended Readings: Winrich Freiwald, Ph.D. Friday March 23, 2018

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Friday Lectures Friday, March 23rd, 2018  3:45 p.m. Caspary Auditorium Winrich Freiwald, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Head Laboratory of Neural Systems The Rockefeller University On the Neural Circuits of Social Cognition Recommended Readings: Science News Cory Rosenberg. July 8, 2017. How do we know what other people are thinking? This monkey study may offer clues. [...]

Markus Library – Author Book Talk Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee Thursday March 15, 2018 3:15 p.m.

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Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee Cancer Physician, Researcher, and Pulitzer Prize winning Author of The Emperor of All Maladies – New York, NY Markus Library,  Welch Hall, Level Two Main Reading Room Thursday, March 15, 2018 Reception at 3:15 and following the presentation.   Author presentation at 3:30 Dr. Mukherjee will share his thoughts and experiences on becoming [...]

Recommended Readings: Lewis Cantley, Ph.D. Friday March 16, 2018

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Friday Lectures Friday, March 16, 2018  3:45 p.m. Caspary Auditorium Lewis Cantley, Ph.D. Meyer Director of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center and Professor of Cancer Biology in Medicine Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian Hospital PI 3-Kinase: Linking Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Cancer Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Liu H, Murphy CJ, Karreth FA, [...]

Recommended Readings: Sanford M. Simon, Ph.D. Monday March 19, 2018

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Monday Lectures Monday, March 19, 2018  4:00 p.m. Carson Family Auditorium Sanford M. Simon, Ph.D. Professor and Head Laboratory of Cellular Biophysics The Rockefeller University ESCRTing Viruses out of the Cell: Lessons from HIV-1 Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Itano, Michelle S.; Arnion, Helene; Wolin, Sandra L.; et al. (2018). Recruitment of 7SL RNA to assembling [...]

Recommended Readings: Michael Greenberg, Ph.D. Friday March 9th, 2018

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Friday Lectures Friday, March 9th, 2018  3:45 p.m. Caspary Auditorium Michael Greenberg, Ph.D. Department Chair and Nathan Marsh Pusey Professor Department of Neurobiology Harvard Medical School How Nature and Nurture Conspire to Control Brain Development and Function Recommended Readings: Empirical Articles Kalish, Brian T.; Cheadle, Lucas; Hrvatin, Sinisa; et al. (2018). Single-cell transcriptomics of the [...]