Recommended Readings: Thomas Walz, Ph.D. Monday December 11th, 2017

Recommended Readings: Thomas Walz, Ph.D. Monday December 11th, 2017

Monday Lectures

Monday, December 11, 2017  3:45 p.m.

Carson Family Auditorium

Thomas Walz, Ph.D.

Professor and Head

Laboratory of Molecular Electron Microscopy

The Rockefeller University

An Experimental Look at Hydrophobic Mismatch

Recommended Readings:

Empirical Articles

Mi, Wei; Li, Yanyan; Yoon, Sung Hwan; et al. (2017). Structural basis of MsbA-mediated lipopolysaccharide transport. NATURE. Volume: 549 (7671): 233-+

Saboe, Patrick O.; Rapisarda, Chiara; Kaptan, Shreyas; et al. (2017). Role of Pore-Lining Residues in Defining the Rate of Water Conduction by Aquaporin-0. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. 112 (5): 953-965

Hite, Richard K.; Yuan, Peng; Li, Zongli; et al. (2015). Cryo-electron microscopy structure of the Slo2.2 Na+-activated K+ channel.  NATURE. 527 (7577): 198-+

Shen, Yue-xiao; Si, Wen; Erbakan, Mustafa; et al. (2015). Highly permeable artificial water channels that can self-assemble into two-dimensional arrays. PNAS. 112 (32):9810-9815

Gonen, T; Cheng, YF; Sliz, P; et al. (2005). Lipid-protein interactions in double-layered two-dimensional AQPO crystals. NATURE. 438 (7068): 633-638

Gonen, T; Sliz, P; Kistler, J; et al. (2004).  Aquaporin-0 membrane junctions reveal the structure of a closed water pore. NATURE. 429 (6988): 193-197


Review Paper

Hite, Richard K.; Raunser, Stefan; Walz, Thomas (2007). Revival of electron crystallography. CURRENT OPINION IN STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY. 17 (4): 389-395

Gonen, Tamir; Walz, Thomas (2006). The structure of acquaporins. QUARTERLY REVIEWS OF BIOPHYSICS. 39 (4): 361-396

Book Chapter

Schenk, Andreas D.; Hite, Richard K.; Engel, Andreas; et al. (2010). ELECTRON CRYSTALLOGRAPHY AND AQUAPORINS. METHODS IN ENZYMOLOGY. Book Series: Methods in Enzymology. 483: 91-119

Raunser, Stefan; Walz, Thomas (2009). Electron Crystallography as a Technique to Study the Structure on Membrane Proteins in a Lipidic Environment. ANNUAL REVIEW OF BIOPHYSICS. Book Series: Annual Review of Biophysics. 38: 89-105



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