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Special Seminar Series

Human microRNAs That Suppress Breast Cancer Metastasis

Monday June 14, 2008 Welch Hall Level 2 Refreshments 3:45 p.m. Lecture 4 p.m.

Review Article:

Tavazoie, SF; Alarcon, C; et al.  2008.  Endogenous human microRNAs that suppress breast cancer metastasis.  NATURE  451(7175):147-U3

Related Articles:

Tavazoie, SF; Alvarez, VA; et al.  2005. Regulation of neuronal morphology and function by the tumor suppressors Tsc1 and Tsc2.  Nature Neuroscience   8(12):1727-1734

Beer, SK; Tavazoie, S; and M. Grunstein.  2004. Mapping global histone acetylation patterns to gene expression.  Cell 117(2):721-733