Recommended Readings: Gregory M. Alushin, Ph.D. Monday November 13th, 2017

Monday Lectures

Monday, November 13, 2017  3:45 p.m.

Carson Family Auditorium

Gregory M. Alushin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Head

Laboratory of Structural Biophysics and Mechanobiology

The Rockefeller University

Cytoskeletal Structural Plasticity in Force Generation and Mechanosensation

Recommended Readings:

Empirical Articles

Omabegho T, Gurel PS, Cheng CY, Kim LY, Ruijgrok PV, Das R, Alushin GM, Bryant Z. (2017). Controllable molecular motors engineered from myosin and RNA. NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY. PLEASE REQUEST FROM MARKUS LIBRARY.

Swaminathan V, Alushin GM, Waterman CM. (2017). Mechanosensation: A Catch Bond That Only Hooks One Way. CURRENT BIOLOGY. 27 (21):R1158–R1160

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Skau, Colleen T.; Fischer, Robert S.; Gurel, Pinar; et al. (2016). FMN2 Makes Perinuclear Actin to Protect Nuclei during Confined Migration and Promote Metastasis. CELL. 167 (6):1571-+

Review Papers

Thomas DG, Robinson DN. (2017). The fifth sense: Mechanosensory regulation of alpha-actinin-4 and its relevance for cancer metastasis. SEMINARS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY. PLEASE REQUEST FROM MARKUS LIBRARY.

Mishra, Mithilesh; Huang, Junqi; Balasubramanian, Mohan K. (2014). The yeast actin cytoskeleton. FEMS MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS. 38 (2): 213-227

Book Chapter

Luo, Tianzhi; Robinson, Douglas N. (2011). The Role of the Actin Cytoskeleton in Mechanosensation. MECHANOSENSITIVITY AND MECHANOTRANSDUCTION. Mechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues. 4: 25-65


Recommended Readings: Sheetz, M., Kenan, W., Spudich, J., and Vale, R.

Friday Lecture Series

Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences

Biological Motility and Mechanotransduction

Michael Sheetz, Ph.D., William R. Kenan Jr. Professor,Columbia University, 

Myosin Pulling and Mechanotransduction

James Spudich, Ph.D., professor of biochemistry, Stanford School of Medicine, Hypertrophic and Dilated Cardiomyopathies:

Single Molecule Analysis of Human Cardiac Myosin

Ronald Vale, Ph.D., professor, University of California, San Francisco; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI),

Structure and Mechanism of the Dynein Motor Protein

April 6, 2012

3:45 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (Refreshments, 3:15 p.m., Abby Lounge)

Caspary Auditorium


Recommended Readings:

Carter, A. P., C. Cho, L. Jin, and R. D. Vale. 2011. “Crystal Structure of the Dynein Motor Domain.” Science 331 (6021): 1159-1165

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Related Readings: A. James Hudspeth, M.D., Ph.D.

Friday Lecture Series

Making an Effort to Listen: Mechanical Amplification by Myosin Molecules and Ion Channels in Hair Cells of the Inner Ear

A. James Hudspeth, M.D., Ph.D.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute and The Rockefeller University
New York, New York, USA

3:15 pm – Refreshments, Abby Lounge

3:45 pm – 5:00 pm – Lecture

Friday, October 31, 2008

Caspary Auditorium

Recommended Articles:

Hudspeth, A.J. 2008. Making an Effort to Listen: Mechanical Amplification in the Ear. Neuron 59(4):530-545. 

Nagiel, A., Andor-Ardó, D., Hudspeth, A.J. 2008. Specificity of afferent synapses onto plane-polarized hair cells in the posterior lateral line of the zebrafish. The Journal of Neuroscience 28(34)8442-8453.
(Request a PDF from the Markus Library)

Kozlov, A.S., Risler, T., Hudspeth, A.J. 2007. Coherent motion of stereocilia assures the concerted gating of hair-cell transduction channels. Nature Neuroscience 10(1):87-92.

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