Library Opens New Exhibit on Scientific Instruments

Markus Library presents the third in a series of exhibits highlighting the Merrill W. Chase Historic Instrument Collection. The current exhibit, “Tools for Discovery: Made at Rockefeller,” features instruments designed and made at The Rockefeller University in the Instrument, Glassblowers’ and Electronics Shops to meet scientists’ specific experimental needs.

For much of the twentieth century The Rockefeller University was unique in having skilled craftsmen: Josepf Blum, Nils Jernberg, Otto Hopf, Robert Schoenfeld, Elko Machek, and many others. Their everyday work ranged from repairing existing instruments to designing and producing one-of-a-kind devices such as a digital programmer, centrifuges, microtome, ellipsometer, and peptide synthesizerm all of which were so useful that they went into commercial production.

Please visit the exhibit on the second level of Welch Hall from March through December, 2008.

Idea and Design: Olga Nilova
Consultants: Peter Sellers and Carol Moberg, Curators of Scientific Instrument Collection
Archival Support: Meg Hogan
Graphics: Vincent Furno

This exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Gregory Nilov.