2011 Lasker Awards Announced

Nature Medicine: The 2011 Lasker Medical Research Awards
The Lasker Awards recognize science that profoundly transforms our thinking about key problems in biology and medicine. Every year, Nature Medicine has the privilege to publish commentaries written by the winners in celebration of the Award.    Read about the awards and the comments of the winners. 

Looking into the Future: The Dawn of Regenerative Medicine

George Church is thinking a lot about using regeneration as the key to treatments and keeping people healthy.  Induced pluripotent stem cells “is where I’m putting almost all of my chips these days, because it combines many of my interests — genomics, sequencing, epigenetics, synthetic biology, stem cells,” Church adds. While much of the work so far has been done in rodents, he says that it’ll be years, not decades, until it is tested in people. “The only way people are going to get this is through some brave soul,” Church says. “It will start with a sick person, and they will end up getting well, possibly more well than before they got sick.”   Read more in MIT’S Technology Review‘s Experimental Man.